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Why might counselling help you?

At times life can feel challenging or even overwhelming and this is where counselling could help you.  Counselling is a talking therapy and talking to someone who will listen to you without judging can help you manage your situation.   I am an experienced and qualified Person-centred counsellor and together we will explore the issues that are causing your distress.  During the sessions I will help  and support you to identify your personal solutions to your individual dilemmas.  I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Keele University and I am trained to listen to you with care. I am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work according to their ethical framework. read more >>


6 ways in which Person-centred counselling could be of benefit to you

Help you to develop your self-awareness
Support you to achieve your chosen changes
Encourage you to build your self-esteem
Recognise your autonomy
Help you to be confident in your decisions
Challenge negative perceptions

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