Counselling is a time when you can talk through whatever is worrying you, in private, to a counsellor who will not judge you. You can be sure that whatever is said will remain confidential* and that the counsellor will respect your privacy and work with you to resolve your issues.

I have experienced the positive power of Person-centred counselling in my own life and that is why I chose to train as Person-centred counsellor.

I consider the approach to be very effective in helping people to deal with the distress in their lives.

Person-centred counselling accepts that you, the client, are the expert in your world and that I, the counsellor, am the facilitator, providing the link for you to access the process.

The process supports and respects your ability to change in your own time for your benefit.

I will act as a mirror to your experiences and help you to see the whole picture.

I will not provide answers for you or tell you what to do or give you homework.

You choose what you want to tell me. I will not pry into your life, ask questions or criticise you.

However, you may come to pose questions to yourself and you may decide on your own tasks to support your changes and I will help you with this.

Everything will be in your control, to increase your autonomy, your self-awareness and your self-acceptance.

I will be honest and always act in your best interests. You will be the focus of every session.

I may challenge you when there are discrepancies between what you say and how you act or say you feel. This may be a surprise to you and I will help you to investigate the differences and try to resolve the inconsistencies.

When you are ready we will discuss endings and prepare you to go forward without my support, because you will hopefully have the strength and confidence to enjoy your life.

The ending will be in the knowledge that you would always be welcome to come back at a later stage should you wish.

Counselling is a positive experience for the majority of people however, a small number of people do not feel they have benefitted. At any point in the process you are free to discontinue counselling, either finally or for a break.

If you would like to find out more about Person-centred counselling then you might like to start by looking at ‘Person-Centred Counselling in a Nutshell’ by Roger Casemore

*There are times when I would be obliged to break our confidentiality agreement, for example, if you appear to be of danger to yourself or others.