Which Foods Support Good Feelings

Which foods support good feelings?  Eating good food has been shown to be beneficial to mental health.  But what is good food?  Doctors researched* what we should eat to promote and maintain good mental health and also considered what we should avoid.  It has been found** that highly processed foods and sugary products can have a negative effect on health and emotions.  Eating these give a rush of sugar into the blood stream, creating a high, followed by a crash, resulting in low blood sugar and increased feelings of stress.

Fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all recommended to be part of your diet.  Broccoli, cauliflower, onions and leeks are good for your gut encouraging the correct ‘bugs’ to grow.  Seeds, leafy vegetables and oily fish, all rich in Omega 3 can help maintain good mental health.  Try combining sweet potato with chicken or pork, or with walnuts if you are a vegetarian.

So eat healthily to support your mental health and see if it works for you!  If you would like to explore your attitude to food and you think you would benefit from talking to a counsellor about this aspect of your life then please contact me to arrange an appointment at a time that would be convenient for you.

*Lancet March 2015     **Doctor in the House BBC1, 2017